NSW Trains: 1st Class

NSW 1st Class Seat

The Fisrt Class is the perfect choice for train enthusiasts who want to enjoy their trips with some perfect amenities. So choosing a First Class seat on train services, you will enjoy the features of an Economy seat plus extra legroom and a greater seat recline.
1st Class features:
  • comfortable seats with tables​
  • extra legroom
  • air-conditioning
  • power outlets
  • ​greater seat recline​
  • Wi-Fi service

If you are looking for a great way to travel and enjoy some time away, look on the First Class. These seats offer all of the comforts that make traveling easier while still providing passengers with enough space for their belongings. ​

NSW 1st Class seat features:
  • drop down table
  • armrests
  • footrests
  • access to the buffet car
  • recline back to 40 degrees
  • extra legroom.

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