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Railway length:

36 064 km

Types of trains:

long-distance, regular & high-speed

No. routes sold:


Fastest train speed:

210 km/h

NSW Trains History

The 1920s were a time of vision and revolution, when Dr John J.C Bradfield developed his visionary plan to provide people with an electric railway system.​ The first electric trains commenced running on the Illawarra Line in June 1926. The line to Sydney Airport opened in 2000, which served as an entrance for the Olympic Games held that same year. Two more links was open later: the Epping to Chatswood rail link (2009) and the South West rail link (2015). Australia's rail system is now an indicator of modernity and a high degree of passenger comfort. Trains on the Australian railway lines are modern and air-conditioned, with onboard amenities that ensure your trip will be a memorable one. In addition to high-class amenities, NSW trains offer an extensive schedule in most areas making it easy for you to plan ahead. ​

Traveling by NSW TrainLink Train

NSW Trains is a New South Wales Government agency, delivering public transport services to regional and interstate customers. All NSW trains are fully equipped with everything you need on board in any class, clean and modern. The safety of all who use its services remains NSW Trains’ top priority. To keep people safe and secure, NSW has implemented a comprehensive Safety Management System. So, you will love the comfort, travelling in Australia by train, as well as feel safeness anf home atmosphere in any class of train.

NSW trains also provide modern comforts that are important for you: work, relax, drink coffee or tea, and enjoy the magnificent Aistralia views along the ride!

NSW Train Classes

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